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A letter of congratulation for Mrs. Liisa Kaupinnen

For the occassion of your upcoming Birthday I have realised you don?t enjoy big celebrations, and will attend seminar of Human rights of deaf persons.
I am expressing my admiration for your lifelong fight for human rights of deaf persons in twenty first century. I have to admit that in my experience of enforcement of the rights in poor countries, I have noticed that the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Sustainable Development Goals are more like dispute of non-specific scenarios of language rights of deaf persons. I would like to express my concern in regard of the framework of foreign policy in Czech republic, and Europe. They don?t have the same diplomatic philosophy based on Kaupinnen. The development cooperation should give to the life of persons with dissabilities, especially to the deaf persons, the same dignity and rights, as to the others.
Because you were able to express emotions on your travels to New York to the headquarters of the UN, the Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities contains the subject of deaf persons and is now ratified by almost two hundreds countries.
By my opinion there is an analogy in between formers presidents and present president. When I travelled to Pristina, Belgrade and Kisinau, the communities of deaf persons were talking about you as of Mother of God of deaf persons. It is the current state of World federation of the Deaf, that is efectively legitimate in the negotiation throughout Internationa Disability Alliance. The UN is disapointment in the programme of the Sustainable Development Goals.
I don?t want to get into details of the situation with the World federation of the Deaf. I would like to mainly congratulate to Mrs. Kaupinnen to her 80th Birthday. There are always memories of the past, but I there is also more in the future, and I would like to wish you strong health. I had the honor to meet you in person in Suomi in 2016.
Mr Roman Lupoměský